PO Card

04.70He peeped quickly inside the leather headband. White slip of paper. Hat headband
05.25-6His fingers found quickly a card behind the headband and transferred it to his waistcoat pocket. Waistcoat pocket
05.54He handed the card through the brass grill.
05.60The postmistress handed him back through the grill his card with a letter.
05.65He slipped card and letter into his sidepocket ...Sidepocket
05.318-20Stepping into the porch he doffed his hat, took the card from his pocket and tucked it again behind the leather headband. Hat headband
11.876Card in my high grade ha.
11.1128-9High grade. Card inside. Yes.Hat headband
15.726(A card falls from inside the leather headband of Bloom's hat.)Hat headband
15.729(... picks up the card hastily and offers it) Bloom offers card to First Watch
Henry Flower.
First Watch reads card