4:263-Hurry up with that tea, she said.Tea
17:492for a certain time scanning through his onelensed binocular fieldglassesFieldglassesRecollection
17:922breakfast moustachecup of imitation Crown Derby porcelain wareMoustachecupMemory, Recollection
18:226-7always blacks his own boots tooBootsMolly remembers
18:227and he always takes off his hatHatMolly remembers
18:251black closed breechesBreechesMolly remembers
18:270-1the stoppress edition just passedNewspaperMolly remembers
18:348I hadnt even put on my clean shiftShiftMolly remembers
18:423-4he came back with the stoppressNewspaperMolly remembers
18:470-2Ive no clothes at all the brown costume and the skirt and jacket and the one at the cleaners 3 whats that for any womanSkirt
Molly remembers
18:472cutting up this old hat and patching up the otherHatsMolly remembers
18:717only his letter and the card from Milly this morningLetter
Molly remembers
18:968 I wonder what kind is that book he brought me Sweets of SinBook - Sweets of Sin
18:1017-8he was always talking to her lately at the tableTableMolly remembers
18:1207wheres this those napkins are ah yes I know I hope the old press doesnt creakNapkins
18:1238in the Aristocrats Masterpiece he brought me another timeBookMolly remembers
18:1262in the paper Boylan brought inNewspaper
18:1314on the cards this morning when I laid out the deckDeck of Cards
18:1373-4in the half of a shirt they wearShirt(on Boylan in Bedroom)Molly remembers Boylan
18:1508-9my best shift and drawersShift
Molly plans