4:6-7about the kitchen softly, righting her breakfast things on the humpy tray.TrayKitchen
4:10The coals were reddeningCoal
Kitchen stove
4:11Another slice of bread and butter: three, four: right.Bread
on tray, Kitchen
4:12He turned from the trayTrayKitchen
4:12lifted the kettle off the hobKettleKitchen
4:13and set it sideways on the fire.StoveKitchen
4:14Cup of tea soon.Cup
4:15-48 passimThe cat walked stiffly round a leg of the tableCat
4:18stiffly round a leg of the tableTableKitchen
4:19Just how she stalks over my writingtableTableGround Front Room
4:35-6Then he went to the dresserDresserKitchen
4:36took the jugJugKitchen
4:36-7Hanlon's milkman had just filled for him, poured warmbubbled milk on a saucerMilk
4:45Fried with butter, a shake of pepper.Butter
4:46While the kettle is boiling. KettleKitchen
4:47then licking the saucer cleanSaucerKitchen
4:49On quietly creaky bootsBootsBloom
4:59loose brass quoits of the bedstead jingledBedBack Bedroom
4:66His hand took his hat from the pegHatHall
4:66over his initialled heavy overcoatOvercoatHall
4:67and his lost property office secondhand waterproofWaterproofHall
4:70White slip of paper. Quite safe.Slip of PaperHat / Hall
4:69-70Plasto's high grade haHatHall
4:72On the doorstep he felt in his hip pocket for the latchkey. Not there. In the trousers I left offLatchkeyin trousers
4:73In the trousers I left off.TrousersBack bedroom Sidepocket
4:73Potato I have.Potatoleft trouser pocket
4:73Creaky wardrobeWardrobeBack bedroom
4:181His hand accepted the moist tender gland and slid it into a sidepocket.KidneyBloom's Sidepocket
4:202-3Olives are packed in jars, eh? I have a few left from AndrewsOlivesKitchen
4:243Two letters and a card lay on the hallfloorLetters
4:251-4A letter for me from Milly, he said carefully, and a card to you. And a letter for you. He laid her card and letter on the twill bedspread near the curve of her knees.Letters
Back Bedroom
4:256Letting the blind up by gentle tugsBlindBack Bedroom
4:257glance at the letter and tuck it under her pillowLetter
Back Bedroom
4:259She was reading the cardCardBack Bedroom
4:261He waited till she had laid the card asideCardBack Bedroom
4:263-Hurry up with that tea, she said.Tea
4:264But he delayed to clear the chairChairsBack bedroom
4:265-6But he delayed to clear the chair: her striped petticoat, tossed soiled linenPetticoat
Soiled linen
on chair in Back bedroom
4:270Scald the teapotTeapotKitchen
4:271-2He scalded and rinsed out the teapotTeapotKitchen
4:271On the boil sure enough: a plume of steam from the spout.KettleKitchen
4:272and put in four full spoons of teaTea Kitchen
4:273-4Having set it to draw he took off the kettleKettleKitchen
4:274crushed the pan flat on the live coalsPan
Kitchen stove
4:274-5and watched the lump of butter slide and melt. ButterKitchen
4:275While he unwrapped the kidneyKidneyKitchen
4:275-6the cat mewed hungrily against him.CatKitchen
4:277He let the bloodsmeared paper fall to herCatKitchen
4:277-8and dropped the kidney amid the sizzling butter sauce.Kidney
4:278-9Pepper. He sprinkled it through his fingers ringwise from the chipped eggcup.Pepper
4:280Then he slit open his letterLetterKitchen
4:283The tea was drawn.Tea Kitchen
4:283He filled his own moustachecupmoustachecupKitchen
4:296He prodded a fork into the kidney and slapped it over.ForkKitchen
4:296-7then fitted the teapot on the tray.Teapot
4:298Bread and butter, four, sugar, spoon, her cream.Bread
on tray, Back bedroom
4:300-1Nudging the door open with his knee he carried the tray in and set it on the chair by the bedhead.Tray
Back bedroom
17:303a drum of table saltSalton Dresser in Kitchen
4:303-4She set the brasses jingling as she raised herself briskly, an elbow on the pillow.Bed
Back Bedroom
4:305sloping within her nightdress like a shegoat's udder.NightdressBack bedroom
4:306-7mingling with the fragrance of the tea she poured.Tea Ground, Back bedroom
4:308A strip of torn envelope peeped from under the dimpled pillow.Letter
Back Bedroom
4:308-9 In the act of going he stayed to straighten the bedspread.BedBack bedroom
4:318She doubled a slice of bread into her mouthBreadBack bedroom
4:321-2he took up a leg of her soiled drawers from the bedDrawers
Soiled Linen
on bed in Back bedroom
4:322-3a twisted grey garter looped round a stocking: rumpled, shiny sole.Garter
Soiled Linen
on bed in Back bedroom
4:324-No: that bookRuby, Pride of the RingBack bedroom
4:325Other stocking. Her petticoat.Stocking
Soiled Linen
on bed in Back bedroom
4:328Not in the bed. Must have slid down.Ruby, Pride of the Ring
Back Bedroom
4:328-9He stooped and lifted the valanceBed
Back Bedroom bed
4:329The book, fallen, sprawled against the bulge of the orangekeyed chamberpot.Ruby, Pride of the RingBack bedroom floor
4:330sprawled against the bulge of the orangekeyed chamberpotChamberpotBack bedroom under bed
4:333She swallowed a draught of tea from her cupTea
Back bedroom
4:334having wiped her fingertips smartly on the blanket, BedBack Bedroom bed
4:334-5began to search the text with the hairpin till she reached the word.HairpinBack bedroom, Molly
4:346He turned over the smudged pages. Ruby: the Pride of the Ring.Ruby, Pride of the RingBack bedroom, Molly
4:359She poured more tea into her cupCupBack bedroom
4:366The sluggish cream wound curdling spirals through her tea.Cream
on tray, Back bedroom, in tea
4:369The Bath of the Nymph over the bed. PictureBack bedroom wall
4:370-1Tea before you put milk in.Tea
Back bedroom
4:378Her spoon ceased to stir up the sugar.Spoon
on tray, Back bedroom
4:381—The kidney! he cried suddenly.Kidney
4:382He fitted the book roughly into his inner pocketRuby, Pride of the RingBack bedroom, Bloom's inner pocket
4:382-3stubbing his toes against the broken commode,CommodeBack bedroom
4:384-5Pungent smoke shot up in an angry jet from a side of the pan.PanKitchen
4:385-8By prodding a prong of the fork under the kidney he detached it and turned it turtle on its back. Only a little burnt. He tossed it off the pan on to a plate and let the scanty brown gravy trickle over it.Fork
4:389Cup of tea now.Cup
4:389cut and buttered a slice of the loaf. Bread
4:389-91He shore away the burnt flesh and flung it to the cat. Then he put a forkful into his mouth, chewing with discernment the toothsome pliant meat.Cat
4:392A mouthful of tea.Tea Kitchen
4:392Then he cut away dies of bread, BreadKitchen
4:394He creased out the letter at his side, LetterKitchen
4:395sopping another die of bread in the gravyBreadKitchen
4:397-414[Text of Milly's letter]LetterKitchen
4:421His vacant face stared pityingly at the postscript.LetterKitchen
4:424-5He sopped other dies of bread in the gravy and ate piece after piece of kidney.Bread
4:426He drank a draught of cooler teaTea Kitchen
4:427Then he read the letter again: twice.LetterKitchen
4:455The cat, having cleaned all her fur,Cat Kitchen
4:455returned to the meatstained paperPaperKitchen
4:456-7She looked back at him, mewing. Wants to go out. Cat
4:460-1He stood up, undoing the waistband of his trousers.Trouserson Bloom, Kitchen
4:465A paper. He liked to read at stool.TidbitsKitchen
4:467In the tabledrawer he found an old number of Tidbits. Table
4:468-9The cat went up in soft bounds. Ah, wanted to go upstairs, curl up in a ball on the bed.CatKitchen to back bedroom
4:475He bent down to regard a lean file of spearmint growing by the wall.SpearmintBack garden
4:485-6Where is my hat, by the way? Must have put it back on the peg. Or hanging up on the floorHatHall remembering
4:487Hallstand too full.HallstandHall remembering
4:487Four umbrellasUmbrellasHall remembering
4:487her raincloak.RaincloakHall remembering
4:487Picking up the letters.LettersHall remembering
4:494He kicked open the crazy door of the jakes.JakesGarden yard
4:494-5Better be careful not to get these trousers dirty for the funeral.Trousers
4:497he undid his braces.BracesBack yard jakes
4:500Asquat on the cuckstool he folded out his paper, turning its pages over on his bared knees.TidbitsBack yard jakes
4:538Then he girded up his trousers, braced and buttoned himself.Trousers
Back yard jakes
4:541-2he eyed carefully his black trousersTrousersBack yard
5:467-8But the recipe is in the other trousers.Recipe
Back bedroom
5:468and I forgot that latchkey too.LatchkeyBack bedroom
15:3173-4Our whatnot, our writingtable where we never wrote, aunt Hegarty's armchair, our classic reprints of old mastersWhatnot
Writing table
Part of a hallucination episode
15:3183Their heelmarks will stamp the Brusselette CarpetBrusselette CarpetPart of a hallucination episode
15:3185they will deface the little statue you carried homeStatue
15:3187torn from your handbook of astronomyBooksBottom drawerPart of a hallucination episode
15:3188-9your ten shilling brass fender from Hampton Leedom's.FenderPart of a hallucination episode
16:1474domestic chamberpotBack bedroom under bed
16:1474domestic chamberpotBack bedroom under bed
17:72-3into the back pocket of his trousers to obtain his latchkeyTrousers
On doorstep, key missing
17:75It was in the corresponding pocket of the trousersTrousersBack bedroomOn doorstep
17:105-6ignited a lucifer match by friction, set free inflammable coal gas by turning on the ventcockMatch
17:110a man regulating a gasflame of 14 CPGaslightKitchen
17:110-11a man lighting a candle of 1 CPCandleKitchen
17:111-12a man leaving the kitchen holding a candleCandleKitchen
17:117doorway the man reappeared without his hat, with his candle.Candle
17:120-21and lighted candle past a lighted crevice of doorwayCandleHall
17:124He extinguished the candle by a sharp expiration of breathCandleKitchen
17:125drew two spoonseat deal chairs to the hearthstoneChairsKitchen
17:127-8a pyre of crosslaid resintipped sticks and various coloured papersSticks
17:128and irregular polygons of best Abram coalCoalKitchen stove
17:130kindled it at three projecting points of paper PaperKitchen
17:130-31with one ignited lucifer matchMatchKitchen
17:150a row of five coiled spring housebellshousebellsKitchen
17:150-1a curvilinear rope, stretched between two holdfastsRopeKitchen
17:152from which hung four smallsized square handkerchiefsHandkerchiefsKitchen
17:153-4and one pair of ladies' grey hose with Lisle suspender tops Kitchen
17:154-5three erect wooden pegsPegsKitchen
17:158On the right (smaller) hob a blue enamelled saucepanPans
Kitchen, on stove
17:158-9on the left (larger) hob a black iron kettleKettle
Kitchen, on stove
17:161He removed the saucepan to the left hobPans
Kitchen, on stove
17:161-2and carried the iron kettle to the sinkKettleKitchen
17:196-7on the lower, middle and upper shelves of the kitchen dresser, opened by Bloom?DresserKitchen
17:229Having set the halffilled kettle on the now burning coalsKettle
17:231-2To wash his soiled hands with a partially consumed tablet of Barrington's lemonflavoured soapSoapKitchen
17:234-5long redbordered holland cloth passed over a wooden revolving roller.TowelKitchen
17:255-6took place in the vessel of liquid by the agency of fire?Kettle Kitchen
17:259-60from the faggots of precombustible fuel to polyhedral masses of bituminous coalSticks
17:265-6from the source of calorification to the liquid contained in the vesselKettle Kitchen
17:266-7being radiated through the uneven unpolished dark surface of the metal ironStove Kitchen
17:273-4A double falciform ejection of water vapour from under the kettlelid at both sides simultaneously.Kettle Kitchen
17:283-4a paper read, reread while lathering NewspaperKitchen
17:286-7and a nick on which incision plaster with precision cut and humected and applied adheredPlasterKitchen
17:296-7What lay under exposure on the lower, middle and upper shelves of the kitchen dresser, opened by Bloom?DresserKitchen
17:298On the lower shelf five vertical breakfast platesPlateson Dresser in Kitchen
17:298-99six horizontal breakfast saucersSaucerson Dresser in Kitchen
17:299on which rested inverted breakfast cupsCupson Dresser in Kitchen
17:299-300 a moustachecup, uninvertedmoustachecupon Dresser in Kitchen
17:300and saucer of Crown DerbySauceron Dresser in Kitchen
17:300four white goldrimmed eggcupsEggcupon Dresser in Kitchen
17:301an open shammy purse displaying coins, mostly copperMoneyon Dresser in Kitchen
17:301-2and a phial of aromatic (violet) comfitsComfitson Dresser in Kitchen
17:302On the middle shelf a chipped eggcup containing pepperEggcup
on Dresser in Kitchen
17:303-4four conglomerated black olives in oleaginous paperOliveson Dresser in Kitchen
17:304an empty pot of Plumtree's potted meatPotted Meaton Dresser in Kitchen
17:304-5 an oval wicker basket bedded with fibre and containing one Jersey pearWicker Basket
on Dresser in Kitchen
17:305-6 a halfempty bottle of William Gilbey and Co's white invalid portPorton Dresser in Kitchen
17:307a packet of Epps's soluble cocoaCocoaon Dresser in Kitchen
17:307-8five ounces of Anne Lynch's choice tea at 2/- per lb in a crinkled leadpaper bagTeaon dresser in Kitchen
17:308-9a cylindrical canister containing the best crystallised lump sugarSugaron dresser in Kitchen
17:309-11two onions, one, the larger, Spanish, entire, the other, smaller, Irish, bisected with augmented surface and more redolentOnionson Dresser in Kitchen
17:311-12a jug of brown crockery containing a naggin and a quarter of soured adulterated milkJug
on Dresser in Kitchen
17:312a jar of Irish Model Dairy's creamJar
on Dresser in Kitchen
17:316two clovesCloves on Dresser in Kitchen
17:316-7a halfpenny and a small dishMoney
on Dresser in Kitchen
17:317containing a slice of fresh ribsteakRibsteakon Dresser in Kitchen
17:317-8On the upper shelf a battery of jamjars (empty) of various sizes and proveniences.Jarson Dresser in Kitchen
17:320-1Four polygonal fragments of two lacerated scarlet betting tickets, numbered 8 87, 88 6.Betting ticketson the apron of Dresser in Kitchen
17:355-6He poured into two teacups two level spoonfuls, four in all, of Epps's soluble cocoaCocoa
17:361-2the moustache cup of imitation Crown DerbymoustachecupKitchen
17:362-3he substituted a cup identical with that of his guestCupKitchen
17:369-70as they drank in jocoserious silence Epps's massproduct, the creature cocoa.CocoaKitchen
17:375A gift to his guest of one of the four lady's handkerchiefsHandkerchiefsKitchen
17:379-80from the concave surface of a spoon along the handle of which a steady flow of heat was conductedSpoonKitchen
17:492for a certain time scanning through his onelensed binocular fieldglassesFieldglassesRecollection
17:513-4Eugen Sandow's Physical Strength and How to Obtain ItBooks(Front room)
17:798-800the decocted beverages, allowing for subsolid residual sediment of a mechanical mixture, water plus sugar plus cream plus cocoa, having been consumed.CocoaKitchen*
17:888A temporary departure of his cat.CatKitchen
17:909-10In what way had he utilised gifts (1) an owl, 2) a clock), given as matrimonial auguriesOwl
(Front room)Recollection
17:922breakfast moustachecup of imitation Crown Derby porcelain wareMoustachecupMemory, Recollection
17:957-8a sum of money (£1-7-0), one pound seven shillings sterlingMoneyKitchenBloom to Stephen
17:1023Lighted Candle in StickCandlestickexiting Kitchencarried by Bloom
17:1026Diaconal Hat on AshplantDiaconal Hat
exiting Kitchencarried by Stephen
17:1033Bloom set the candlestick on the floor. Stephen put the hat on his head.Candlestick
Diaconal Hat
back passage
17:1034-5For what creature was the door of egress a door of ingress? For a cat.Catback passage
17:1271With brief suspiration he reassumed the candleCandleback passage
17:1281A sofa upholstered in prune plushSofaFront room
17:1282near the compactly furled Union JackFlagFront room
17:1283-4 the blue and white checker inlaid majolicatopped tableMajolicatopped tableGround Front room
17:1285the walnut sideboardSideboardGround Front room
17:1288two chairs had been moved from right and leftChairsGround Front room
17:1292-3a squat stuffed easychair, with stout arms extended and back slanted to the rereChairGround Front room
17:1293-4an irregular fringe of a rectangular rugRugGround Front room
17:1295-8a slender splayfoot chair of glossy cane curves, placed directly opposite the former, its frame from top to seat and from seat to base being varnished dark brown, its seat being a bright circle of white plaited rushChairGround Front room
17:1303A vertical pianoPianoGround Front room
17:1304a pair of long yellow ladies' glovesGlovesGround Front room
17:1304an emerald ashtrayAshtrayGround Front room
17:1305four consumed matchesMatchesGround Front room
17:1305-6a partly consumed cigarette and two discoloured ends of cigarettesCigarettesGround Front room
17:1306-7its musicrest supporting the music in the key of G natural for voice and piano of Love's Old Sweet SongMusic sheetson the Piano in Ground Front room
17:1312elevating a candlestickcandlestickGround Front room
17:1315upturned rugfringeRugGround Front room
17:1321open boxBoxon the majolicatopped table in the Ground Front room
17:1321on the majolicatopped tableMajolicatopped tableGround Front room
17:1321-2a black diminutive coneIncense coneon the tin plate on the majolicatopped table in the Ground Front room
17:1322-3a small tin plateTin plateon the majolicatopped table in the Ground Front room
17:1323placed his candlestick on the right corner of the mantelpieceCandlestickon mantelpiece in Ground front room
17:1324produced from his waistcoat a folded page of prospectus (illustrated) entitled Agendath NetaimAgendath Netaim leaflet
Bloom waistcoat
17:1326-7rolled it into a thin cylinder, ignited it in the candleflame, applied it when ignited to the apex of the cone till the latter reached the stage of rutilanceAgendath Netaim leaflet
Incense cone
front room
17:1328placed the cylinder in the basin of the candlestickAgendath Netaim leaflet
on mantelpiece in front room
17:1331The truncated conical crater summit of the diminutive volcano emitted a vertical and serpentine fume redolent of aromatic oriental incenseIncense coneon mantelpiece in Ground front room
17:1335A timepiece of striated Connemara marbleClockon mantelpiece in Ground front room
17:1336-7a dwarf tree of glacial arborescence under a transparent bellshadeDwarf Treeon mantelpiece in Ground front room
17:1338an embalmed owlEmbalmed Owlon mantelpiece in Ground front room
17:1342In the mirror of the giltbordered pierglassMirrorGround Front room
17:1357What final visual impression was communicated to him by the mirror?MirrorGround Front room
17:1350-60The optical reflection of several inverted volumes improperly arranged and not in the order of their common letters with scintillating titles on the two bookshelves oppositeBooks
Ground Front room
17:1361-1398Thom's Dublin Post Office Directory, 1886.
Denis Florence M'Carthy's Poetical Works (copper beechleaf bookmark at p. 5).
Shakespeare's Works (dark crimson morocco, goldtooled).
The Useful Ready Reckoner (brown cloth).
The Secret History of the Court of Charles II (red cloth, tooled binding).
The Child's Guide (blue cloth).
The Beauties of Killarney (wrappers).
When We Were Boys by William O'Brien M. P. (green cloth, slightly faded, envelope bookmark at p. 217).
Thoughts from Spinoza (maroon leather).
The Story of the Heavens by Sir Robert Ball (blue cloth).
Ellis's Three Trips to Madagascar (brown cloth, title obliterated).
The Stark-Munro Letters by A. Conan Doyle, property of the City of Dublin Public Library, 106 Capel street, lent 21 May (Whitsun Eve) 1904, due 4 June 1904, 13 days overdue (black cloth binding, bearing white letternumber ticket).
Voyages in China by "Viator" (recovered with brown paper, red ink title). Philosophy of the Talmud (sewn pamphlet).
Lockhart's Life of Napoleon (cover wanting, marginal annotations, minimising victories, aggrandising defeats of the protagonist). Soll und Haben by Gustav Freytag (black boards, Gothic characters, cigarette coupon bookmark at p. 24).
Hozier's History of the Russo-Turkish War (brown cloth, a volumes, with gummed label, Garrison Library, Governor's Parade, Gibraltar, on verso of cover).
Laurence Bloomfield in Ireland by William Allingham (second edition, green cloth, gilt trefoil design, previous owner's name on recto of flyleaf erased).
A Handbook of Astronomy (cover, brown leather, detached, S plates, antique letterpress long primer, author's footnotes nonpareil, marginal clues brevier, captions small pica).
The Hidden Life of Christ (black boards).
In the Track of the Sun (yellow cloth, titlepage missing, recurrent title intestation).
Physical Strength and How to Obtain It by Eugen Sandow (red cloth). Short but yet Plain Elements of Geometry written in French by F. Ignat. Pardies and rendered into English by John Harris D. D. London, printed for R. Knaplock at the Bifhop's Head, MDCCXI, with dedicatory epiftle to his worthy friend Charles Cox, efquire, Member of Parliament for the burgh of Southwark and having ink calligraphed statement on the flyleaf certifying that the book was the property of Michael Gallagher, dated this 10th day of May 1822 and requefting the perfon who should find it, if the book should be loft or go aftray, to reftore it to Michael Gallagher, carpenter, Dufery Gate, Ennifcorthy, county Wicklow, the fineft place in the world.
Envelope bookmark:

 Thom's Dublin Post Office Directory, 1886

Shakespeare's Works

 The Useful Ready Reckoner

 The Secret History of the Court of Charles II

 The Child's Guide

 The Beauties of Killarney

 When We Were Boys by William O'Brien M. P. (green cloth, slightly faded, envelope bookmark at p. 217).

 Thoughts from Spinoza

 The Story of the Heavens by Sir Robert Ball

 Ellis's Three Trips to Madagascar

 The Stark-Munro Letters by A. Conan Doyle

 Voyages in China by "Viator"

 Philosophy of the Talmud

 Lockhart's Life of Napoleon

 Soll und Haben by Gustav Freytag

 Hozier's History of the Russo-Turkish War

 Laurence Bloomfield in Ireland by William Allingham

 A Handbook of Astronomy

 The Hidden Life of Christ

 In the Track of the Sun

 Physical Strength and How to Obtain It by Eugen Sandow

 Short but yet Plain Elements of Geometry written in French by F. Ignat

Ground Front room
17:1411-12the incongruity of an apple incuneated in a tumbler Apple
Ground Front room
17:1412-13of an umbrella inclined in a closestoolUmbrella
Ground Front room
17:1423seated at the central tableTableGround Front room
17:1427-8counsel of a statue erect in the centre of the table, an image of NarcissusStatue
Ground Front room
17:1431Inhibitory pressure of collar (size 17) and waistcoat (5 buttons)Collar
on Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:1435He removed his collar, with contained black necktie and collapsible studCollar
on Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:1436-7He unbuttoned successively in reversed direction waistcoat, trousers, shirt and vestWaistcoat
on Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:1443-4He unbraced successively each of six minus one braced trouser buttonsTrouserson Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:1452-3his left hand into the left lower pocket of his waistcoat and extracted and replaced a silver coin (I shilling)Waistcoat
on Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:1483-4he disnoded the laceknots, unhooked and loosened the laces, took off each of his two bootsBootson Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:1485partially moistened right sockSockon Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:1487unhooked a purple elastic sock suspender, took off his right sockSock suspender
on Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:1775A Vere Foster's handwriting copybookCopybook1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1778-802 fading photographs of queen Alexandra of England and of Maud Branscombe, actress and professional beautyPhotographs1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1780a Yuletide cardCard1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1783-4a butt of red partly liquefied sealing waxSealing wax1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1785-6a box containing the remainder of a gross of gilt "J" pennibsPennibs1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1787an old sandglassSandglass1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1787-8a sealed prophecyProphecy1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1790-1a bazaar ticketticket1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1791-2an infantile epistleEpistle1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1794-5a cameo broochBrooch1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1795-6a cameo scarfpinScarfpin1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1796-73 typewritten lettersLetters1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1801a press cuttingPress cutting1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1803a pink ribbonRibbon1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1804two partly uncoiled rubber preservatives with reserve pocketsCondoms1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:18061 pack of 1 dozen creamlaid envelopes and feintruled notepaper,Envelopes
1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1807some assorted Austrian-Hungarian coinsMoney1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:18082 coupons of the Royal and Privileged Hungarian LotteryLottery coupons1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:18092 erotic photocardsPhotocards1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1813-4a press cutting of recipe for renovation of old tan bootsPress cutting1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1814a 1d adhesive stampStamp1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1815a chart of the measurementsChart1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1819prospectus of The WonderworkerProspectus1st table drawer in Ground front room
17:1841A 4th typewritten letter received by Henry Flower Letter1st table drawer in Ground front roomadded
17:1855the birth certificate of Leopold Paula BloomBirth certificate2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:1855-6an endowment assurance policyEndowment policy2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:1860a bank passbook issued by the Ulster BankBank passbook2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:1864-5certificate of possession of £900, Canadian 4% (inscribed) government stockStock certificate2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:1865-6dockets of the Catholic Cemeteries' (Glasnevin) CommitteeGraveplot Certificate2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:1866-7a local press cutting concerning change of name by deedpollPress cutting2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:1875An indistinct daguerreotype of Rudolf ViragPhotograph2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:1877-8An ancient haggadah book in which a pair of hornrimmed convex spectacles inserted marked the passage of thanksgiving in the ritual prayers for Pessach (Passover)Book
2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:1880a photocard of the Queen's Hotel, EnnisPhotocard2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:1931-2The endowment policy, the bank passbook, the certificate of the possession of scrip.Endowment policy
Bank Passbook
Stock certificate
2nd table drawer in Ground front room
17:2031-3the proximity of an occupied bed, obviating research: the anticipation of warmth (human) tempered with coolness (linen)Bed
17:2037-8the superior quality of human (mature female) to inhuman (hotwaterjar) calefaction,HotwaterjarBedroom(possible)
17:2040-1trousers accurately folded and placed lengthwise between the spring mattressTrousersBedroom(possible)
17:2040-1the spring mattress (striped) and the woollen mattress (biscuit section)MattressBedroom(possible)
17:2061-2by the insentient material of a strainveined timber tableTablelocation
17:2092A pair of new inodorous halfsilk black ladies' hoseStockingson trunk in bedroom
17:2092-3a pair of new violet gartersGarterson trunk in bedroom
17:2093a pair of outsize ladies' drawers of India mullDrawerson trunk in bedroom
17:2095a long bright steel safety pinSafety pinon trunk in bedroom
17:2095-6a camisole of batiste with thin lace borderCamisoleon trunk in bedroom
17:2096an accordion underskirt of blue silk moiretteUnderskirton trunk in bedroom
17:2097-9on the top of a rectangular trunk, quadruple battened, having capped corners, with multicoloured labelsTrunkBedroom
17:2102A commode, one leg fracturedCommodeBedroom
17:2102totally covered by square cretonne cuttingCretonne cuttingon commode in Bedroom
17:2103a lady's black straw hatHaton commode in Bedroom
17:2103Orangekeyed wareChamberpoton commode in Bedroom
17:2105-6disposed irregularly on the washstand and floorWashstandBedroom
17:2106and consisting of basinBasinon Washstand in bedroom
17:2106soapdish and brushtraySoapdish
on Washstand in bedroom
17:2107pitcher and night articlePitcher
Night article
on floor in bedroom
17:2109on a chairChairBedroom
17:2110from beneath the bolster at the head of the bedBolster
on Bed in Bedroom
17:2111folded long white nightshirtNightshirton Bed in Bedroom
17:2112removed a pillowPillowon Bed in Bedroom
17:2113prepared the bedlinenBed linenon Bed in Bedroom
17:2116snakespiral springs of the mattress being oldMattresson Bed in Bedroom
17:2117the brass quoits and pendent viper radii loose and tremulous under stressBedon Bed in bedroom
17:2123New clean bedlinenLinenon Bed in Bedroom
17:2124-5some crumbs, some flakes of potted meatPotted meaton Bed in Bedroom
17:2300The upcast reflection of a lamp and shade,LampBedroom
18:48Dignams death in the paper NewspaperFront roomMolly memory 14th
18:48-9he covered it up with the blottingpaperBlottingpaperFront roomMolly memory 14th
18:131-2after we took the port and potted meatPort
Potted meat
BedroomMolly remembers
18:143when I lit the lampLampBedroomMolly remembers
18:146with the blinds downBlindsBedroomMolly remembers
18:226always wipes his feet on the mat when he comes inMatHallMolly remembers
18:226-7always blacks his own boots tooBootsMolly remembers
18:227and he always takes off his hatHatMolly remembers
18:251black closed breechesBreechesMolly remembers
18:270-1the stoppress edition just passedNewspaperMolly remembers
18:305-6the pair off my doll to carry about in his waistcoat pocketDrawers (Dolls)Bloom's waistcoat?Molly remembers
18:341him sending the port and the peaches firstPort
(Ground Front room)Molly remembers
18:348I hadnt even put on my clean shiftShiftMolly remembers
18:408better leave this ring behindRingon Molly in Bedroom
18:413-4when I looked close in the handglassHandglass(Bedroom)Molly remembers
18:423-4he came back with the stoppressNewspaperMolly remembers
18:424tearing up the ticketsBetting tickets(Kitchen)Molly remembers
18:442the second pair of silkette stockingsStockings(Bedroom)Molly remembers
18:446-8one of those kidfitting corsets Id want advertised cheap in the Gentlewoman with elastic gores on the hips he saved the one I have but thats no goodCorset(Bedroom)Molly remembers
18:458-9the face lotion I finished the last of yesterdayLotion (finished)(Bedroom)Molly remembers
18:466and the four paltry handkerchiefsHandkerchiefs(Kitchen)Molly remembers
18:470-2Ive no clothes at all the brown costume and the skirt and jacket and the one at the cleaners 3 whats that for any womanSkirt
Molly remembers
18:472cutting up this old hat and patching up the otherHatsMolly remembers
18:563-4that dirty bitch in that Spanish photo he has nymphsPhotocard1st table drawer in Ground Front roomMolly remembers
18:568burns the bottom out of the pan all for his KidneyPan
(Kitchen)Molly remembers
18:600-2I burned the half of those old Freemans and Photo Bits and threw the rest of them up in the W CNewspapers
Photo Bits
Upstairs toiletMolly remembers
18:602and all those old overcoats I bundled out of the hallOvercoats(were in) HallMolly remembers
18:717only his letter and the card from Milly this morningLetter
Molly remembers
18:910that pork chop I took with my cup of teaPork chop
(Kitchen)Molly remembers
18:912I hope that lamp is not smokingLampBedroom
18:968 I wonder what kind is that book he brought me Sweets of SinBook - Sweets of Sin
18:1014broke off the hand off that little gimcrack statueStatueGround Front roomMolly remembers
18:1017-8he was always talking to her lately at the tableTableMolly remembers
18:1064at 15 my powderPowder(Bedroom)Molly remembers
18:1084old smelly dishclothDishclothbehind the dresser in kitchenMolly remembers
18:1093his grand funeral trousersTrousersOn Bloom BedroomMolly remembers
18:1095my old pair of drawersDrawersBedroomMolly remembers
18:1098she never even rendered down the fatFatKitchenMolly remembers
18:1124clean sheetsLinenBedroomMolly remembers
18:1124-5I suppose the clean linen I wore brought it onDrawerson Molly in Bedroom<Molly remembers
18:1130-1this damned old bed too jingling like the dickensBedBedroomMolly remembers
18:1132to put the quilt on the floorQuiltBedroomMolly remembers
18:1133the pillow under my bottomPillowBedroomMolly remembers
18:1136wheres the chamber goneChamberpotBedroomMolly remembers
18:1137that old commodeCommodeBedroomMolly remembers
18:1138I made him sit on the easychairChairBedroomMolly remembers
18:1139when I took off only my blouse and skirtBlouse
on Molly in BedroomMolly remembers
18:1199at the foot of the bedBedBedroom
18:1205sleep at the foot of the bedBedBedroom
18:1207wheres this those napkins are ah yes I know I hope the old press doesnt creakNapkins
18:1212the lumpy old jingly bedBedBedroom
18:1225old lottery ticketsLottery Tickets1st table drawer in Ground Front room
18:1234first Ill look at his shirtShirtBedroom
18:1235if he has that French letter still in his pocketbookCondom
(on Bloom - Waistcoat)
18:1238in the Aristocrats Masterpiece he brought me another timeBookMolly remembers
18:1243-4then tea and toast for him buttered on both sides and newlaid eggsTea
(Kitchen)Molly plans
18:1262in the paper Boylan brought inNewspaper
18:1302-3showing him my photoPhotograph(on Bloom Pocketbook - Waistcoat)
18:1314on the cards this morning when I laid out the deckDeck of Cards
18:1330taking Eppss cocoaCocoa(Kitchen)
18:1349like that lovely little statue he boughtStatue(Ground Front room)Molly remembers
18:1372pulling off his shoes and trousersShoes
(on Boylan in Bedroom)Molly remembers Boylan
18:1373-4in the half of a shirt they wearShirt(on Boylan in Bedroom)Molly remembers Boylan
18:1379in my short petticoatPetticoat(on Molly in Bedroom)Molly remembers
18:1481there are a few olives in the kitchenOlives(Kitchen)
18:1489and Millys bed in the back roomBed1st Floor back room
18:1489-90he could do his writing and studies at the table in thereTableGround Front room
18:1504-5his eggs and tea in the moustachecupEggs
(Kitchen)Molly plans
18:1506hed like my nice creamCream(Kitchen)Molly plans
18:1508-9my best shift and drawersShift
Molly plans
18:1512on the clean sheetLinenBedroom
18:1546the apron he gave meApron(Kitchen)Molly remembers
18:1547better lower this lampLampBedroom