4:73In the trousers I left off.Back bedroom Sidepocket
4:460-1He stood up, undoing the waistband of his trousers.on Bloom, Kitchen
4:494-5Better be careful not to get these trousers dirty for the funeral.
4:538Then he girded up his trousers, braced and buttoned himself.Back yard jakes
4:541-2he eyed carefully his black trousersBack yard
5:467-8But the recipe is in the other trousers. O, and I forgot that latchkey too.Back bedroom
17:72-3into the back pocket of his trousers to obtain his latchkeyOn doorstep
17:75It was in the corresponding pocket of the trousersBack bedroomOn doorstep
17:1436-7He unbuttoned successively in reversed direction waistcoat, trousers, shirt and veston Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:1443-4He unbraced successively each of six minus one braced trouser buttonson Bloom in Ground Front Room
17:2040-1trousers accurately folded and placed lengthwise between the spring mattressBedroom(possible)
18:1093his grand funeral trousersOn Bloom BedroomMolly remembers
18:1372pulling off his shoes and trousers(on Boylan in Bedroom)Molly remembers Boylan