4:15The cat walked stiffly round a leg of the tableKitchen
4:18stiffly round a leg of the tableKitchen
4:19Just how she stalks over my writingtableGround Front Room
4:467In the tabledrawer he found an old number of Titbits. Kitchen
17:1283-4 the blue and white checker inlaid majolicatopped tableGround Front room
17:1321on the majolicatopped tableGround Front room
17:1423seated at the central tableGround Front room
17:1427-8counsel of a statue erect in the centre of the tableGround Front room
17:2061-2by the insentient material of a strainveined timber tablelocation
18:1017-8he was always talking to her lately at the tableMolly remembers
18:1489-90he could do his writing and studies at the table in thereGround Front room