4:181His hand accepted the moist tender gland and slid it into a sidepocket.Bloom's Sidepocket
4:275While he unwrapped the kidneyKitchen
4:277-8and dropped the kidney amid the sizzling butter sauce.Kitchen
4:381—The kidney! he cried suddenly.
4:385-8By prodding a prong of the fork under the kidney he detached it and turned it turtle on its back. Only a little burnt. He tossed it off the pan on to a plate and let the scanty brown gravy trickle over it.Kitchen
4:389-91He shore away the burnt flesh and flung it to the cat. Then he put a forkful into his mouth, chewing with discernment the toothsome pliant meat.Kitchen
4:424-5He sopped other dies of bread in the gravy and ate piece after piece of kidney.Kitchen
18:568burns the bottom out of the pan all for his Kidney(Kitchen)Molly remembers